My Little Pony: 5-Minute Stories

English Book
$29.70 $23.76

In this collection of ten charming stories, join the new generation of poniesas they go on adventures with their pony friends in Equestria! With each story timed to be a five-minute read-aloud, this storybook makes anytime the perfect time to experience the magical new world of Sunny Starscout, Hitch Trailblazer, Izzy Moonbow, Pipp Petals, and Zipp Storm!

The all-new animated series on Netflix is an adorable preschool show, starring Sunny Starscout and her friends, who teach us how to find our sparkle and make our mark on the world. Magic has finally returned to Equestria thanks to the new Mane 5. It’s a whole new world, filled with new kinds of magic that is exhilarating but also can feel a bit strange. It’s up to Sunny and her friends to make sense of this new world and usher in a new era of pony!

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