Lower Block 3-in-1 Science -5E

Assessment Book

Lower Block Science 3-in-1 is a comprehensive Science assessment book written based on the latest syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education. This book aims to cultivate pupils’ interest in Science, to equip them with an in-depth understanding of scientific concepts, and to help them acquire various scientific process skills which embrace an essential part of Science enquiry.
In this book, there are seventeen chapters. Each chapter consists of comprehensive notes and three revision exercises. These exercises are made up of Recall and Basic Process Skills questions, Integrated Processes questions and Application questions.

The chapters in this book are designed according to the following
- Diversity
- Systems
- Interactions
- Cycles
- Energy

Five sets of Revision Papers are also given. Each set of revision paper consists of questions that help pupils to revise the topics they have learnt in the five themes.
Answers to all questions with suggested marking scheme are provided. Explanations to more challenging questions are also provided.

Number of pages: 424
Publication Year: 2017
Author: Janet Sim

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