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English Book
Featuring 25 ideas to inspire creative play and help with school projects. This exciting children’s book of things to make and do is full of arts and crafts and facts about school subjects. Covering everything from the Solar System to Ancient Egypt, you’ll never be stuck for an activity, craft, or project idea again. With clear step-by-step instructions and photos, children will learn about a subject interactively. There are more than 25 great STEM projects on offer – from creating an astronaut’s outfit or making a sundial, to taking a trip back in time to see how the mighty Roman legionaries conquered their enemies. And that’s just for starters – on top of nature and history, the book also covers wildlife, science, and space – so animal lovers and wannabe astronauts will be delighted by what’s on offer. Children will love the variety of educational activities, experiments, and facts, and parents will love how the book ties into school subjects, while providing inspiration for projects to make at home. All projects can be completed with readily available household items or easy-to-find art supplies, making this the perfect book for eager little readers who are looking for their next great project.
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