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KIDMORO Rummy Original XP (Deluxe) Tile Game


Rummy Original Digital Game: For 2 to 6 players version, ages: 7 to Adult.
Contents: 160 Tiles (12sets for Tiles 1-13 in 4 colors and 4 jokers), 6 Racks + Rack Holders, Detailed Rules.
XP 2 to 6 players version.

Rummy Original is a great game for both adults and children alike. Join in the fast-paced fun while trying to combine your tiles in runs or sets. Rummy Original, similar to the card game, gets everyone involved. Rummy Original gameplay moves along thanks to the joker tiles (wilds) and helps players out when they don't quite have the tile they need. Learning how to play Rummy Original does not take a lot of time. Bring out the fun and start playing Rummy Original today!

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