IRIS OHYAMA RNS-300 Carpet, Mattress & Sofa Cleaner

$199.00 $179.00

- A cleaner that can wash carpets completely.
- While spraying water, rinse the dirt on the carpet and suck it strongly!
- It's as refreshing as if you washed it all!
- Great for cleaning fabric products such as sofas and car seats.
- Since it is a hand tool type, the tank can be placed sideways for easy cleaning.
- Easy spraying just by pulling the spray lever.
- A safe design that does not spray unless the nozzle at the tip of the hand tool is pointed downward.
- For stains that are difficult to remove or stains, it is effective to remove the stains with a cleaning agent such as alkaline ionized water before cleaning.
- * Do not put a cleaning agent in the freshwater tank.
- * Do not use dish detergent that produces bubbles as it may cause a malfunction.

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