Honeywell Air touch V4 Indoor Air Purifier

$269.00 $199.00

Removes 99.99% Micro Allergens and airborne Pollutants including PM10 and PM2.5

Protect your family from smoke, Dust, Pollens, VOC (Volatile organic Compounds), virus, Bacteria and Pet Danger to give safe indoor environment to your loved ones

CADR of upto 350 m3/h and coverage area of up to 543 Sq. Ft ^4 Stage Filtration process through Anti-bacterial Filter, High Grade H13 HEPA Filter, Cold Catalyst and Activated carbon filter

Advanced filtration process with Air Purification Cycle every 12 minutes

Real Time PM2.5 level indicator

Front and Upward Airflow with 3D Air Flow

Silent Operation with noise level of 56db/A at high speed

Filter Life of Up To 3000hrs or 1year

1 Year Warranty

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