Honeywell Air Touch P2 3-in-1 Compound Filter with Pre-Filter

$89.00 $79.00

Honeywell Air Touch P2 3-in-1 Compound Filter with Pre-Filter, HEPA H13 Filter & Activated Carbon Filter | Anti-Bacterial |Removes 99.99% Allergens, Pollutants, PM2.5, VOCs, Smoke, Toxic Fumes and Odour

Exclusively designed for Air Touch P2 Air Purifier.

  • Single compound filter with HEPA H13 filter on one side and activated carbon filter on the other.
  • Pre Filter captures large particles such as dust, lint, fibres, hair and pet fur at 1st stage and increases life of HEPA H13 Filter.
  • High-efficiency HEPA H13 filter removes 99.99% of allergens and microscopic pollutants above 0.3 microns including PM2.5 and pollens.
  • High-grade granular activated carbon filter physically absorbs formaldehyde, unwanted odours, toxic gases, fumes, smoke, cooking smells and pet odours, as well as filtering volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Anti-Bacterial filter captures viruses and bacteria which are ≤0.3 μm.
  • Not washable, needs to be replaced when filter indicator blinks on the touch panel.
  • Filter Life of Up To 3000hrs or 1 year* depending on the usage and pollution levels.
  • It comes with an additional equipped layer of Pre-Filter which is also the fourth filter.
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