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An indispensable look at the next frontier of technological advancement and its impact on our world

Generative AI is rewriting the rulebook with its seemingly endless capabilities, from crafting intricate industrial designs, writing computer code, and producing mesmerizing synthetic voices to composing enchanting music and innovating genetic breakthroughs. In Generative AI in Practice, renowned futurist Bernard Marr offers readers a deep dive into the captivating universe of GenAI. This comprehensive guide introduces you to the basics of this groundbreaking technology and outlines the profound impact that GenAI will have on business and society. Professionals, technophiles, and anyone with an interest in the future will need to understand how GenAI is set to redefine jobs, revolutionize business, and question the foundations everything we do.

In this book, Marr sheds light on the most innovative real-world GenAI applications through practical examples, describing how they are moulding industries like retail, healthcare, education, finance, and beyond. You'll enjoy a captivating discussion of innovations in media and entertainment, seismic shifts in advertising, and the future trajectory of GenAI. You will:

  • Navigate the complex landscapes of risks and challenges posed by Generative AI
  • Delve into the revolutionary transformation of the job market in the age of GenAI
  • Understand AI's transformative impact on education, healthcare, and retail
  • Explore the boundless potentials in media, design, banking, coding, and even the legal arena

Ideal for professionals, technophiles, and anyone eager to understand the next big thing in technology, Generative AI In Practice will equip readers with insights on how to implement GenAI, how GenAI is different to traditional AI, and a comprehensive list of generative AI tools available today.

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