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EZVIZ RH2 Smart Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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Notes:Data from EZVIZ Lab test results under standard conditions. Customer experience may vary due to environmental factors.

Model CS-RH2-PGA1
Hardware Specifications
Fan Motor Speed 72,000 rpm
Brush Roller Motor Speed 550 ± 12% (485~615) rpm
Rechargeable Battery Capacity 4,000 mAh
Waste Water Tank Capacity 750 ml
Clean Water Tank Capacity 850 ml
Surface Type Hard Floors, Tiles, Marbles, Sealed Wood Floors, Laminate, PVC
Cleaning Modes Intelligent, Standard, Power, Suction
Power Rating (W) 130 (Suction) 110 (Standard) 200 (Power)
Suction Power (AW) 16 13 30
Maximum Flow (L/S) 10.3 9 12.5
Maximum Suction (Kpa) 3.5 3 6
Operation Noise Level (dB(A)) ≤78 ≤78 ≤80
Water Pumps Flow (g/min) 0 15-35 60-96
Runtime (min) ≥35 ≥40 ≥20
Rated Voltage (V) 21.6V– 1.0A
Charging Time for Full Battery 5 ± 0.5h
Smart Functions
Device Status Voice Alerts Supports
Clean Water Shortage Alert Supports
Dirty Water Tank Full Alert Supports
Languages Supported Currently supports English (By default), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese & Thai
LED Display Supports
Dirt Level Detection Supports
Water Flow & Suction Auto-adjustment Supports
Self-cleaning Supports
Rolling Brush Hot Air Drying Supports
Versatile Edge & Corner Cleaning Supports
Electrolyzed Water Supports
Rolling Brush Build-in LED Light Supports
Ozone Sterilization Supports
Anti-Odor Fragrance Supports
Air Vent Filter High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA)
Accessories Service Life Change every 2-3 months for both rolling brush, HEPA filter and fragrance card
Product Dimensions 270 × 257 × 1160 mm (10.63 × 10.12 × 45.67 inch) (when fully assembled)
Packaging Dimension 335 × 300 × 705 mm (13.07 × 11.81 × 27.76 inch)
Net Weight 4.55 kg (160.50 oz)
Weight (With package) 8.41 kg (296.65 oz)
In the box
In the box - RH2 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
- Charging & Docking Station
- Cleaning Solution
- Fragrance Card
- Cleaning Brush
- Cleaning Brush Rack
- HEPA Rack
- Additional Replaceable Rolling Brus
- Additional Replaceable HEPA Filter
- Screwdriver
- Quick Start Guide
- Regulatory Information
Certifications CE / REACH SVHC / WEEE / RoHS / CB / UKCA / SDS / TRA

Powerful Suction for Deep Cleaning

The RH2 vacuum cleaner provides powerful 12,000 Pa suction for deep cleaning carpets and hard floors. Pa is one of the key metrics for measuring vacuum cleaner suction power, with higher Pa values indicating stronger suction. 12,000 Pa is very high compared to most vacuum cleaners and allows the RH2 to thoroughly clean embedded dirt and stains.

The RH2 also features smart dirt and stain sensing technology. It automatically adjusts suction power based on how dirty the floor is as you clean. On heavily soiled high traffic areas, the RH2 will increase suction power to the maximum 12,000 Pa to deeply clean carpets and lift stubborn stains. On lightly soiled floors, it reduces suction to preserve battery life. This smart adjustment ensures you get the ideal level of cleaning for each area.

Intelligent Controls for Easy Use

The RH2 Smart Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner is designed for easy, intuitive use with intelligent controls. It features simple buttons and an LED display, so you can easily select cleaning modes and monitor battery life. There are three cleaning modes to choose from:

  • Auto Mode - The vacuum automatically adjusts suction power based on how dirty the floors are, thanks to its smart dirt and stain sensing technology. This means you get customized cleaning tailored to each area.

  • Standard Mode - For everyday cleaning of moderately dirty floors.

  • Power Mode - Maximum suction for deep cleaning carpets or tackling ground-in dirt.

You don't have to fuss with controls while cleaning. Once you've selected the mode, the RH2 Smart Cordless will take care of optimizing suction as you clean different surfaces. "Usability is like love. You have to listen." The RH2 listens and adapts to your floors.

Maneuvering the vacuum is easy thanks to smooth-rolling wheels that swivel in all directions. You can glide around furniture and into corners with little effort. The ergonomic handheld design makes it comfortable to grip and reduces wrist strain. As expertly said, "Usability is not a quality that can be spread out to cover a poor design like a layer of peanut butter." The RH2 offers thoughtful design for effortless usability.

Advanced Mopping Capabilities

The RH2 Smart Cordless Vacuum takes mopping floors to the next level with advanced features that make cleaning more effective. It has a self-cleaning brush roller that prevents buildup of hair and debris, ensuring it can thoroughly scrub floors.

You can adjust the water flow to get the right amount of moisture for cleaning without leaving streaks behind. The hot water sterilization function heats water up to help kill germs and bacteria on floors. According to research, hot water is very effective at reducing bacteria and viruses on surfaces. This allows for a deeper clean and sanitization of floors.

After mopping, the device can flush out collected hair, dirt, and debris from the rollers and tanks. This self-cleaning capability ensures the vacuum is ready for your next cleaning session without you having to manually remove built-up gunk. With these convenient features, the RH2 vacuum takes the hassle and effort out of mopping floors.

Cordless Design for Whole Home Cleaning

The RH2 vacuum is designed for cordless cleaning throughout the entire home. With its large 0.7 gallon clean water tank and 0.8 gallon dirty water tank capacity, it has the ability to clean large homes without having to stop to empty and refill the tanks frequently. The average household uses around 30 kWh of electricity per day, which means even large houses can be fully cleaned on a single charge.

The cordless, portable design allows the RH2 to easily reach edges, corners, and anywhere cleaning is needed. You're no longer limited by cord length or outlet proximity. This makes cleaning staircases, vehicles, and awkward spaces much simpler. The hassle of dragging cords around and constantly plugging and unplugging is eliminated.

Cordless operation gives you the freedom to clean anywhere in the home without obstacles. You can quickly clean one room then move to the next without interruptions. The RH2 vacuum truly unchains you from cords and outlets for whole home cleaning convenience.

Quiet Operation

The RH2 Smart Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner has multiple noise-cancelling features that keep it quiet while in use. This allows you to vacuum without disturbing family members or pets.

According to HCLTech, typical vacuum cleaner noise levels range from 60-68 dB, with 85 dB or higher considered loud. The RH2 aims to operate at noise levels comparable to normal conversation. This is achieved through advanced muffler and sound-absorbing technologies that reduce noise both internally and externally.

The vacuum's brushless digital motor also contributes to quieter operation. Without noisy brushes, it generates less discernible noise. The multiple cyclone dust separation system further dampens sound by preventing dust blockages.

With lightweight design and noise levels comparable to average conversation, the RH2 Smart Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum can be used to clean anytime without causing a disturbance. Gone are the days of loud vacuuming waking napping children or startling pets. Quiet, powerful cleaning is now possible.

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