Divoom Ditoo-Pro Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

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Best Desktop Companion: Pixel art animation, Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock, SNS notifications; Ditoo-pro is the most versatile desktop gadget for your home and will meet all your expectations for desktop gadgets! 

Amazing Audio Quality: Powered by a powerful DSP tuned speaker, the cute bluetooth speaker delivers an immersive audio experience to a 360° sound to your ears. With its built-in music visualizer, let’s enjoy its sensational performance with light & sound.

Vintage Style & Modern Tech: Ditoo-pro features a vintage PC design with a set of mechanic keyboard and functional lever; The the retro 8-bit pixel art animation also further enhance its nostalgia characteristic.

DIY Pixel Art Creation: With the Divoom companion APP, you can create and show any pixel art animation on the Ditoo-pro. It is also a gateway to one of the largest pixel art online gallery and community in the world. 

Alarm Clock & More: Ditoo-pro is full of exciting features, such as: alarm clock, sleep aid, SNS notification, stopwatch, weather report, classic mini games and more... Your Ditoo-pro is constantly evolving through the updates.    

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