Clearly Speak: Articulate with Confidence, Civility and Courage

English Book

Are you confident in speaking up in a meeting or delivering a speech? Are you engaging in a conversation? Do your words reflect your leadership? Can you deal effectively with a dispute or conflict?

Our spoken words, delivered with confidence, create connections. Expressed with civility, they build relationships. Articulated with courage, they help those without a voice. Towards this end, Clearly Speak offers principles and pointers on how to engage and inspire your listeners, while being sensitive to human emotions and cross-cultural norms. Highly readable and succinct, it is replete with stories, anecdotes and examples to facilitate learning.

A seasoned public official and an accomplished academic, author Lim Soo Ping has over four decades of broad-ranging experience, including leading organisations, speaking at conferences, negotiating agreements, and chairing press briefings. Enfold Clearly Speak as your personal companion in your journey to becoming a better speaker, hence a better self for a better world.

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