BESTA All Pass S1 E-Dictionary


Main Features:

  • Approved by Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (Examination Model 2022-2026)
  • Most Authoritative Chinese Dictionary “The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese” with 72,000 Entries & 80,000 Examples
  • 3.5 inch TFT Colour Touch Screen
  • Smart Pinyin input system specially designed for Singapore students
  • Professional Chinese Handwriting Recognition – Input Chinese Characters with a Stylus Pen
  • Stroke Order Animation – Learn how to write a Chinese Characters
  • Equipped with Reading and Full Pronunciation Capability with Hanyu Pinyin display – Including all the vocabulary pronunciation verbatim, word for word pronunciation and content explanation also word for word pronunciation
  • Intelligent Wildcard Search Function – Using (?) and (*) to search for unknown Chinese Character(s). (?) can use to search for one unknown word, (*) can use to search for multiple unknown words
  • Up to 30 levels of cross-search display window – Mark a Chinese Character for another Searching
  • Display Font Size Toggling – Show Bigger Characters or More Contents on one Screen
  • Chinese composition learning material such as Punctuation, Units of Measure, etc.
  • Chinese reference material such as Dizigui, Sanzijing, Baijiaxing, Chinese Idioms and Proverbs



  • 新加坡考评局核准可携入考场机型 (2020-2024);
  • 最权威的华文词典<<现代汉语规范词典>> 共有72,000条词目 和80,000条例证;
  • 3.5吋TFT彩色触控萤幕,可切换显示字型大小;
  • 专为新加坡学生量身订做的全新智能拼音输入法;
  • 专业华文手写输入-手写即可输入华文;
  • 笔划顺序演示-学习如何正确书写华文;
  • 清晰标准的中文发音功能同时显示汉语拼音-包括所有的词汇逐字发音,解释内容也逐字发音;
  • 全新<?>及<*>不明字/字串智能查询功能-如果不确定要查询的词汇,可进行模糊查询:即用通配符<?>及<*>代替不确定的字,<?>可以代替一个不确定的字,<*>代替多个不确定的字;
  • 最高30层交互查询视窗,可直接点选中文单字再深入查询;
  • 可切换显示字型大小-清楚显示笔划或呈现更多内容;
  • 作文及华文学习资料:标点符号、量词等;
  • 参考资料:弟子规、三字经、百家姓、常用题辞。
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