3M Polarizing Task Light Led P1709

$329.00 $249.00

With 7-level LED brightness adjustment function, now you can tap on the BRIGHT button to choose your preferred brightness to suit your activity!

The P1709 protect your eyes while doubling up as a hand phone stand/ charging point while you work or study!

Flip open for smartphone stand to hold your device in place while charging using the USB port (5V).
*cable not provided

All models of our 3M™ Polarizing Light implements our very own 3M™ Polarizing Light Filter that you cannot find in other brands, the benefits are as follow:

  • Ultra glare reduction which protects the eyes
  • Provide even spread of light on reading material/work surfaces to make reading more comfortable
  • Zero UV Ray, protection from harmful rays on skin and eyes
  • ULTRA Energy saving as it consumes less power (around 8W) but still provides efficient lighting.

3M™ Polarizing Light reduces glare and provides effective illumination. In addition, with high frequency ballasts and safety features, you can be assured of optimal lighting for your reading purposes.

3M™ patented Polarizing Light Filter Technology is capable of solving this problem. The polarizing filter featured in the table lamps allows only comfortable light to pass through and converts all bad light into comfortable light, thereby reducing the amount of glare reflected on reading surface.

1 year local warranty on all 3M™ Polarizing Task Light. Additional 3 months when you register online (https://www.3m.com.sg/3M/en_SG/polarizing-light-sg/resources/warranty-registration/).

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