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3M Polarizing Task Light LED K1710, Mint


Reduce Glare and Eye Strain with 3M's Polarizing Technology

The 3M Polarizing Task Light LED K1710 uses patented polarizing filter technology from 3M to significantly reduce glare while providing effective illumination. This polarized light helps block intense reflected light that can lead to eye strain, headaches, and fatigue during visually intensive tasks.

3M's polarizing filters are designed to scatter light rays and prevent them from reflecting off surfaces like paper, computer screens, and more. This diffusion and polarization of light creates a glare-free environment that is easier on the eyes. Studies show that prolonged exposure to glare can damage eye tissues and lead to vision problems.

Polarized lighting has many benefits for eye health. It helps prevent eyestrain, headaches, and dry eyes caused by glare. Tasks like reading, writing, crafting, and computer work can be performed more comfortably with polarized illumination. The 3M Polarizing Task Light makes activities like paperwork, sewing, and browsing the computer easier by removing harsh reflected light.

Customizable Brightness Levels

The 3M Polarizing Task Light LED K1710 features 5 customizable brightness levels to suit any task or environment. The brightness levels range from a gentle 800 lux up to an ultra-bright 2200 lux, allowing you to adjust the light intensity for different needs.

Using the easy touch sensor controls on the base of the lamp, you can seamlessly transition between brightness levels with just a tap or slide of your finger. This makes it simple to find the perfect light setting for any activity.

For intricate tasks like sewing or model building, lower brightness around 800-1200 lux is recommended. For reading and paperwork, aim for 1400-1600 lux. And for detailed computer work or tasks requiring maximum visibility, crank it up to 2200 lux. The 3M Polarizing Task Light gives you full control to customize the brightness to your needs.

Convenient Features for Any Workspace

The 3M Polarizing Task Light LED K1710 comes with several convenient features that make it easy to use in any workspace.

One handy feature is the built-in 1 hour timer function. This allows you to set the light to automatically turn off after 1 hour, preventing you from leaving it on accidentally and wasting energy. This auto-off function helps make the 3M Polarizing Task Light very energy efficient.

The 3M Polarizing Task Light LED K1710 comes with a 3 year warranty, providing peace of mind on your purchase. It is also ETL certified to meet safety standards in the US and Canada 1.

This LED desk lamp weighs just 1.75 pounds and measures 6 x 5.2 x 16.2 inches, making it lightweight and portable. The weighted base provides stability while still allowing you to easily move the light between workspaces or take it with you when traveling. The compact size and portability make it easy to position the light right where you need it.

With convenient features like the built-in timer, warranty, safety certifications, and lightweight design, the 3M Polarizing Task Light LED K1710 can accommodate any workspace or situation. The versatility of this desk lamp makes it easy to get comfortable, glare-free illumination precisely where and when you need it.

Position and Use Recommendations

The 3M Polarizing Task Light LED K1710 is designed to provide glare-free illumination directly where you need it. For optimal use:

  • Position the light so it eliminates glare on your work area. Angle the head to direct light where needed and away from your eyes.

  • Assemble the lamp by screwing the base into the bottom of the neck piece. Connect the power cord to the base. You can adjust the neck and head positions by twisting gently.

  • Turn on by pressing the power button on the base. There are 3 brightness levels which can be cycled through by pressing the power button repeatedly. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to turn off.

  • The lamp head can tilt and twist to direct light precisely where needed. Position it to avoid glare shining directly into your eyes.

  • Keep the polarizing filter clean to maintain optimal performance. Gently wipe with a soft cloth as needed. Avoid using harsh chemicals.

  • Only use the supplied AC adapter and certified electrical connections. Plug into a surge protector to avoid voltage spikes.

1 year local warranty on all 3M™ Polarizing Task Light. Additional 3 months when you register online (

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